Lime Hawk

Lime Hawk is an independent artist collective and literary press based in Redding, Connecticut, producing works that muse on environment, culture, and sustainability. 

First Feature


The crop of European grain are always good, when the snow, which in general is the only manure, covers the earth from December to March. One acre generally yields from twenty to thirty bushels of wheat; of Indian corn, from forty to sixty bushels on even land, and from thirty to forty on hilly land; but it is to be observed, that one bushel of it raised on hilly land weighs thirteen pounds more than a bushel raised on river land. All European grains flourish here, and the grass is as thick, and much longer than in England. Maize, or Indian corn, is planted in hillocks three feet apart, five kernels and two pumpkin seeds in a hillock; so that, if the season prove favorable, the beans and the pumpkins are worth as much as the corn. If from an acre the crop of corn be twenty bushels, add beans and pumpkins, and it will be equal to sixty bushels; so, if there be sixty bushels of corn, a proportionate growth of beans and pumpkins will render the product equal to one hundred and eighty bushels. One man plants an acre in a day; in three he hoes the same three times; and six days more suffice for plowing and gathering the crop. For these ten days' work the price is thirty shillings; and allowing thirty shillings for the use of the land, the whole expense is two pounds, and no more, while the corn is worth two shillings a bushel. The gain is seldom less the 300, and often 600 per cent. It is thus that the poor man becomes rich in a few years, if prudent and industrious.


The pumpkin, or pompion, is one of the greatest blessings, and held very sacred in New England. It is a native of America.

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