Lime Hawk

Lime Hawk is an independent artist collective and literary press based in Redding, Connecticut, producing works that muse on environment, culture, and sustainability. 

Three Collages
Adam Hale

Life Cycle

Like the Back of My Hand


Adam Hale is a collage artist living and working in London. He was one of the artists featured in SomethingInTheAttic's Brooklyn Vs. London art exhibition, in which seven established and up-and-coming London-based artists featured work alongside their Brooklyn counterparts. Adam is best known for creating The Daily Splice, a project started in March 2015, which has attracted over 16,000 followers on Instagram. Using free magazines he collects on his commute to work, he creates and publishes collages on a daily basis. Adam is now working on large format one-off pieces and is looking to collaborate with photographers and other artists. / Instagram / Facebook.