Chartered Trips | Sean Pomposello

Michelle Brooks
Blank Inside for Your Message

You are free to say anything.
Of course, it can and will be held
against you. You should know
the rules before we start. I once
saw cotton silt and snow float
in the sky at the same time. God said,
This is everything. I watched until
the sky became clear again instead
of dotted with all the happiness
the world contained and all my sorrow
that didn’t know where else to go.

Michelle Brooks has published a collection of poetry, Make Yourself Small (Backwaters Press) and a novella, Dead Girl, Live Boy (Storylandia Press). A native Texan, she has spent much of her adult life in Detroit, her favorite city.

One Big Shoe is New York-based playwright and street photographer Sean Pomposello. Specializing in the stolen moment, One Big Shoe’s candid glimpses of the New Yorkers he encounters serve as a character development tool for his dramatic work, which has been recognized by theatres and festivals nationwide. With a background in television and advertising, One Big Shoe brings a love of aesthetics, a keen interest in street stories and the ability to identify and chronicle drama in the everyday.