Cold Storage

A documentary portrait of Provincetown in its wintertime off-season

Directed by Eddie Shore / 2017 / 28 minutes

“Ask any year-rounder in Provincetown what question they get asked the most and the answer will be ‘What’s it like here in the winter?’ Cold Storage by Eddie Shore gives a pitch perfect response as well as a gorgeous portrait of the town and its people as he looks at life on the Cape tip when all the tourists have gone and only the hearty 3,000 or so residents are here. For those enchanted by Provincetown’s magic, Cold Storage proves that mystical energy is still potent in the beautiful silence of winter.”

-Steve Desroches / Provincetown Magazine

Festival Screenings

Four Seasons Film Festival / London, UK / 2018

New Filmmakers / New York City / 2017

Woods Hole Film Festival / Cape Cod / 2017

Provincetown International Film Festival / Cape Cod / 2017


Paper Magazine

Provincetown Magazine


Director: Eddie Shore

Videographer: Jason Oh

Producer: Karen Cappotto

Producer: Ginny Levy

Associate Producer: Matthew Bohn

Cold Storage: Behind the Scenes