I Walked out in January

Taunja Thomson

to savor the cemetery under
snow:   bones of shrews   mice   birds
slowly rotting flesh
joining mahogany   spotted yellow
leaves with ends curling

to savor the secret under tightly
packed snow:   patchwork of death
bodies that once fluttered
sang   scurried   created
more life

to savor the slow-spinning psalm
of snowflakes burying
the almond feathers of owls
yellow eyes   insistent speech
under the syntax of snow

to savor memory as it falls
whirls   lies   becomes encrusted
with cold judgment
melts into a ganzfeld--
only the skin   fur   claws
of what was.

Maureen Cantara

Taunja Thomson currently resides in Cold Spring, Kentucky, with her husband and seven cats, where she practices water gardening, terrarium creation, and Flamenco dancing.

Artist Maureen Cantara lives and works in New York City. Cantara grew up in southern Maine where she was inspired by the ever-changing beauty of the rocky coastline. After living in Boston and New York with careers in marketing and finance, she is now devoting her time to painting. 

Cantara has taken courses at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and The Art Students League in Manhattan. She recently completed an abstract workshop at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in County Mayo, Ireland. Her work has been shown in various galleries throughout the New York area. 

She feels very strongly that art is about communicating in a way that can’t be done with words – whether it’s the beauty of the landscape or creating a piece of work that achieves balance despite there being an embedded conflict.