Interoffice Envelopes

Angie Reed Garner

Que Sera Sera


I Picked it Up


Vena Cava




Why interoffice envelopes?

Maybe these paintings are about communication ~between~ the different parts (offices) of a complex organism (myself), communication which maintains and increases the complexity.

I also think the viewer (you) is somehow part of me.

Angie Reed Garner (born 1969 - Lexington, KY, USA) is a second generation self-taught narrative painter and writer with a BA from Reed College (1989, Classics). A serial expat since 1999, she has also lived in Germany, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates. Garner has been exhibiting actively since 1996 with twelve solo shows in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.
Since 2012, she is also the gallery director for garner narrative, a gallery dedicated to narrative art located in Louisville, KY.