Lime Hawk / Issue 3

fall 2014

Body / Nika Maciazek

Tell Me About Yourself / DANA SHAVIN

Excerpts from "Hygiene in Reading" / Patrick Williams

Antonia, Petulant at the Window / HOLLY DAY

Sunrise / Michael Collins

Onion Skins for the Color / Anna Lea Jancewicz

Might we trace back to the beginning, the origin of everything / Julia Tranchina

Heritage Industry / Valerie Lawson

Home for the Holidays & From Lines by Wei Ying-wu, Misremembered / Matthew Burns

This is How I Leave You / Taylor Grieshober

21st Century Love / Amanda Tumminaro

Standing on One Leg / Molly Kuhn

Liar, Shyster / Paul Valadez

The House Next Door Had a Swimming Pool / Andy Myers

Death of a Thousand Cuts / Chauna Craig

According to the Order of Nature / Stephen Mead

Some Distance / Bruce McRae