Yellow Paint Dripping Off It

Benjamin Biesek

Order me a dram of melancholia, Sunshine?
      The columbine vines shimmer when they climb.
            The women here, they shimmer like flame – like fire.
                  I have no Tomorrow – near-illegal… clearly, blind.
      Order me six grips of canned potatoes.
      Order me loam fish cakes and a wild tornado.
            Our planet is painted and melting.
                  Many derelicts in the Senate house, letting Caesar go.
            Many sediments behind me.
            Our planet in ruins and dying.
                  Order me fishy soap cakes.
                               Order up: six bits of potato… famine!
                  Tomorrow!? you speak of the devil?
                               The women – here: they shimmer like fire!
            The columbine fires shimmered when on live.
            Order me a sandwich, will ya? Sunshine?

Benjamin Biesek is an emergent poet with poems recently in 2RV, Dead Beats, Dead Snakes, Eskimo Pie, Up the Staircase, Lantern, and Coalesce. Biesek was a featured poet at UC Davis in 2013 and directs the fledgling New Theorem Press near Morro Bay, California.