How does a word speak to you? Every week on Twitter, Lime Hawk provides a one-word prompt for our followers to interpret and shape into short prose or poems. Our first word was COCOON. Here are our favorite responses from the week of September 7th.


Adjunct faculty office, West Wing cocoon. Five desks with computers. Five thousand hungry students.



my wings are stuck.



After the milkweed pods have

burst, a cotton air spreads itself on


that sing of sex and electricity.



The backhoe hit something solid. The workers grumbled to a stop, stared at the great metallic wings cocooned in the bedrock.



He swaddles the stump in gauze, hoping that this metamorphic cocoon produces a new foot where the diabetes has stolen his.




She thought she was sewing herself wings;

it was a cocoon.



In the aural cocoon of his headphones, Billy walked through the end of the world, a city of fireflies weaving a new big bang.



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