Parts Unbound: Narratives of Mental Illness & Health

Parts Unbound: Narratives of Mental Illness & Health

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About Parts Unbound

As many as one in four people suffer from a psychological disorder, so we don't have to face it alone. Let's give voice to the quieted, hidden parts of our selves in order to promote awareness of mental health issue and put an end to stigma.

In Lime Hawk's debut print publication, eighteen authors share their truths, fears, and triumphs of living and coping with mental illness. With perspectives ranging from patients to parents, children, doctors, and friends, Parts Unbound offers a dynamic addition to the conversation we must have about mental healthcare in order to make progress and heal.

Kind Words

"Parts Unbound invites the reader into struggles with mental illness, but also, importantly, into the complex individual stories in our neuro-diverse world. These eighteen vital essays evoke empathy with their stunning vulnerability, analysis, and gripping narratives."
-Sonya Huber, Author, Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir

"Parts Unbound dramatically and honestly captures the challenges of people fighting and coping with mental illness. It's a collection of englightening true stories that will encourage others to share their pain and their struggles to live productive and satisfying lives."
-Lee Gutkind, Author, Stuck in Time: The Tragedy of Childhood Mental Illness, Editor, Creative Nonfiction.

Book Details

Parts Unbound
226 pages - paperback
Edited by Ginny Levy, Matthew Bohn
Lime Hawk Books, 2015